Saturn Walk a Soundwalk

Saturn Walk is a novel performance piece based on mindfulness meditation and shaped by Saturn’s hexagonal cloud form over her North Pole. This work is a programmed and public participation mindful performance. The programmed component is an improvisational dance and music work that has been staged with guest artists like Andrea Nann of Dreamwalker Dance Co. and the musicians Anne Bourne and Norman Lowrey.

This work also encourages the public to experience embodied listening by mindfully walking the labyrinth. By doing so one becomes attuned to the world and ones sense of wholeness is enhanced. This is a nonjudgmental active listening practice which helps to build a sense of trust and belonging. It shows people that they are being heard and understood.

This mindful embodied listening practice improves mental health. In this era of increased social division advancing solutions to improve mental wellbeing is important for the betterment of individuals and their communities.

The composition was created in collaboration with composer Lance Massey the creator of the T-Mobile ring tone and is inspired by the sonics of Saturn’s rings that the artist and Dr. Seth Horowitz discovered for NASA.

Comment: “(It was)as if we were in outer space and traveled to a place like Saturn and with nothing human to relate to. I was feeling tearful that Saturn was getting the privilege of meeting a human” Vera

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Public Art

Premiered May 31, 2022 at Pauline Oliveros‘ 90th Birthday, Deep Listening Plaza, Kingston, NY.

Midtown Arts Festival, Kingston, NY