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China Blue
China Blue

China Blue is an internationally exhibiting and award winning artist who explores connectivity through sound.

She is known for her discoveries of the sounds in Saturn’s rings for NASA and the voice of the Eiffel Tower. Over the past two plus decades she has researched NASA’s Vertical Gun’s acoustics whose projectiles shoot at Mach-15, the sonics of an asteroid impact on Mars and the songs produced by our brains. She uses these sonic events to connect with others through her installations, environments, paintings and soundwalks.

She has been an Adviser to Rhode Island Congressman Langevin’s Committee for Art & Culture and the Rhode Island State’s Art and Health Committee as well as the Founder and Executive Director of The Engine Institute. Currently she is the Director of China Blue Art.



2021 “The Calls” added to the 9/11 Museum collection

2020 Nominated for Canada’s Governor General’s Award in Arts

2016 Recipient of a two-year Artist-in-Residence at the Norman Prince Neurosciences Institute, Rhode Island Hospital

2013 US Representative at Tokyo Wondersite’s Experimental Art Fair

2012 Nominated Best Monographic Museum Show, Nationally by the International Association of Art Critics

2012 Rhode Island State Council for the Arts Fellowship in New Genres

2008 U.S. Representative at OPEN XI, Venice, Italy

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