“Imagining Blue” is an interactive brainwave sculpture that uses the participant’s minds to dynamically control the light, the motion and the sounds of the sculpture.

This mesmerizing art work that gives the audience previously unexplored and intimate views of the workings of their own minds. It enables users to observe their own current brain in action. The EEG data sensor converts the waves into external changes of color and the patterning of the LED sculpture as well as to create music based on the sounds of neurons firing and breathing.

To engage the work, the participant with the help of an assistant sits near the sculpture and simply dons the brainwave sensor headset. In front of them is the “Imagining Blue” sculpture; a large spherical array of hundreds of LEDs and self contained speakers which is suspended from the ceiling. With the headset in place, the sensor dynamically captures the brainwaves in action and reflects their current internal alpha, beta, gamma or theta state. The user is then immediately able to see their brain and mind in action.

The work responds to four basic brainwave patterns. The alpha state is observed during wakeful relaxation and is seen in the led colors turning purple. The slower theta state is achieved during meditative conditions and is seen in the led colors turning blue. The gamma wave state is the alert and awake condition and is considered a measure of active consciousness. This is seen as a white display. And, the beta state which is carried out during normal, non-focused activities is visualized as yellow.

This work is a challenge for the user to try to imagine blue (theta state): that is to alter the lights and sounds by changing their mental state. This will encourage participants to explore their consciousness by and learning how to relax, focus and meditate. The result will be that they will be able to visualize their every internal change reflected in the external world while they try to achieve deepest theta state and turn the lights blue.

This work defines a personal and fluxing sculpture based on human biology while providing a challenge to see if the participant can imagine blue (theta state).