Creativity of Consciousness

"Imagining Blue," Alpha

“Imagining Blue,” Alpha

“Creativity of Consciousness” is a solo exhibition at the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design in Lancaster, PA is an exhibition of my recent brain based work.

March 17-April 29, 2017

China Blue’s work is inspired by how our world is built from our sensations and perceptions. Her art works enhance the audience’s perceived world through her experimentation into brain wave monitoring and bioacoustics.

“Creativity of Consciousness” is the first exhibition of the artist’s neuroscience-based art which integrates all of her works while exploring the brain, mind, and society. This is a pioneering exhibit that allows people to simultaneously explore both neuroscience concepts and human creativity.

Creativity of Consciousness pioneers new access to cognitive and emotional domains. By using novel technology to read participants’ brainwaves, China Blue’s immersive art installations explore how we can alter our external reality through our internal mental states. It features three distinct sections: two interactive art works and a series of brainwave inspired paintings.
• “Imagining Blue” is an interactive brainwave sculpture that responds to a participant’s mind by dynamically changing in light, motion and sound. With this sculpture, users are able to observe their own current brain in action. This mesmerizing art work gives the audience previously unexplored and intimate views into the workings of their own brain.
• MindDraw is a real-time, interactive work that enables participants to create beautiful brain based images. By accessing their mental states of relaxation, meditation, focus or simple thought, participants drive the shape and speed of the projected imagery.
• “Memory Network” is a series of paintings that reflect how we may connect and hold on to our life experiences. Our recollections occur in fragments that arrive as flashes detached from time. Because memory is transient, these paintings propose a network as a method to connect and save our experiences. Based on the voids created by Alzheimer’s, the artist fills the empty spaces with aluminum-based paint, designing shiny globules and connects them to make stunning examples of one way to hold onto our thoughts and experiences.

Curated by Marnie Benney, Gallery Curator

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