Saturn Walk a Soundwalk

Saturn Walk is a novel meditative soundwalk where participants can stroll in a place where no one has gone – the planet Saturn. The Saturnian path guides visitors through a hexangonal labyrinth that replicates the cloud pattern over Saturn’s North Pole. As they follow the path outlined on the ground, they will be immersed in the sounds generated from Saturn’s rings that the artist uncovered for NASA. This work enables participants to experience mindful meditation through their body motion and by listening explore our relationship with the cosmos.

Saturn Walk composition

The work is driven by a composition inspired by the sonics of Saturn’s rings that the artist discovered for NASA and composed with Lance Massey, creator of the T-Mobile ringtone.

Comment: “(It was)as if we were in outer space and traveled to a place like Saturn and with nothing human to relate to. I was feeling tearful that Saturn was getting the privilege of meeting a human” Vera

Public Art

Premiered May 31, 2022 at Pauline Oliveros‘ 90th Birthday, Deep Listening Plaza, Kingston, NY.

Midtown Arts Festival, Kingston, NY


Andrea Nann from DreamWalker Dance Company, Toronto, Canada
at 11 Jane St Art Gallery, Saugerties, NY