The Calls a 9/11 ode to those fallen

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 event, here is “The Calls.” This work is an ode to the people lost during the 9/11 attack of the World Trade Center.  In this work voices of the control tower dispatchers with the pilots are mixed with dial tones that were derived from available statistics about the World Trade Center: how tall it was how many people died etc. Faintly in the background, the airplane pilots can be heard speaking with the control tower.
In the collection of the 9/11 Memorial Museum
Produced by China Blue in collaboration with Dr. Seth S. Horowitz
Image: “Dust Messages,” by Dr. Seth S. Horowitz, Taken after 9/11 during search and rescue at the World Trade Center

China Blue at the Venice Biennale

“Cassini’s Dreams” is a Cassini laser-to-audio system reading the inflatable of Saturn’s rings. It was installed at the Venice Biennale.
Based on “Cassini’s Dreams” an album built on space science data.


China Blue

China Blue

China Blue is an internationally exhibiting and award winning, sound based visual artist whose work is driven by the fundamental principal that sound is energy made physical combined with the Chinese usage of acoustics in Feng shui to energize space.

Over the past two plus decades she has researched and created work based on the sounds hidden the iron of the Eiffel Tower, contained by NASA’s Vertical Gun’s chamber whose projectiles shoot at Mach-15 or produced by our brains. Her current work is based on her discovery of the acoustics contained in Saturn’s rings for NASA. Inspired by these sonic events she makes installations, environments and paintings.

She has been an Adviser to Rhode Island Congressman Langevin’s Committee for Art & Culture and the Rhode Island State’s Art and Health Committee as well as the Founder and Executive Director of The Engine Institute.



2021 “The Calls” added to the 9/11 Museum collection

2020 Nominated for Canada’s Governor General’s Award in Arts

2016 Nominated for a two-year Artist-in-Residence at the Norman Prince Neurosciences Institute, Rhode Island Hospital

2013 US Representative at Tokyo Wondersite’s Experimental Art Fair

2012 Nominated Best Monographic Museum Show, Nationally by the International Association of Art Critics

2012 Rhode Island State Council for the Arts Fellowship in New Genres

2008 U.S. Representative at OPEN XI, Venice, Italy