Saturn Walk a Soundwalk

Saturn Walk a Soundwalk

This hexagonal soundwalk replicates the cloud pattern over Saturn’s North Pole in a labyrinth and includes a composition inspired by the sonics of Saturn’s rings that the artist discovered for NASA and composed with Lance Massey, creator of the T-Mobile ringtone.

Premiered May 31, 2022, 5-7:00PM
In conjunction with Pauline Oliveros‘ 90th Birthday in Ione’s Annual Dream Festival
At the Deep Listening Plaza, 651 Broadway, Kingston, NY

Pauline Oliveros is known for her enduring contributions to music and the practice of deep listening.

A Sound Art Work “The Calls” Sounds the 9/11 Fall.

The Calls” is in the 9/11 Memorial Museum collection.

This sound art piece is an ode to the 9/11 event and the World Trade Center.
Created in collaboration with Dr. Seth Horowitz.

“China Blue…turns the notion of technological advancement into a paradox. “The Calls,” is a sound art piece that centers around the World Trade Center attacks that took place on September 11, 2001. Voices of the control tower dispatchers with the pilots are mixed with dial tones that sound pleasant but eerie. The dial tones were derived from statistics about the World Trade Center. They were based on how tall it was how many people died etc. Voices from the airplanes and control tower can be heard faintly in the background. (These acoustic elements) preserve the fatal last minutes in a shroud of mystery.”

by  Jill Conner, Digiscape: Unexplored Terrain, Exhibition Catalog,

Exhibited in Digiscape: Unexplored Terrain at Pace University, NY, 2007